Stories of Border Crossers - Hamza Safouane

ISBN 3658274026

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Klappentext zu „Stories of Border Crossers “More than just reminding us that migrant voices matter, this book discusses the operationalization and integration of migrant narratives in the overall discourse and proposes a critical reflection on the knowledge production about migration. Hamza Safouane draws on personal testimonies from refugees and asylum seekers who came to Germany during the 2015 'long summer of migration' to examine migratory journeys from an immanent perspective. What analytical, ethical and methodological frameworks can be used to receive the stories of forced migrants and integrate them into a production of knowledge that is too often deaf to their voices?

...17 and through the Guggenheim Fellowship ... Family grieves death of missing border crosser ... . MacMurtrie was invited to conduct a Border Crosser building workshop as a visiting professor and artist in residency at the U-M Institute for the Humanities in 2018 and at the University of Applied Arts (Angewandte) in Vienna in 2018/2019. Stories of border crossers : a Critical Inquiry Into Forced Migrants' Journey Narratives to the European Union. [Hamza Safouane; Timothy W Luke] [Hamza Safouane; Timothy W Luke] Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Border Patrol agents had found the bod ... Stories of Border Crossers - A Critical Inquiry Into Forced Migrants ... ... . Border Patrol agents had found the body that morning while pursuing a group of seven migrants. The body was under a tree in a desert area about 30 miles southwest of Tucson. Although the devastation earned headlines and an outpouring of sympathy from around the world, part of the story remained untold - until now. On May 21 at 8 p.m., UCTV premieres The Devil's Breath, a heartbreaking account of the border crossers who were trapped and burned during San Diego's 2007 wildfires. The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers is a stunning combination of music, visual culture, live video, fashion, documentary and performance that envisions communications in a not-so-distant ... A group of immigrants trying to get across the Mexican border discover that there's a dangerous element traveling among them. About Alternatino: Alternatino is a sketch show that follows Arturo ... Without a better alternative to assist border crossers who enter on foot, the U.S. Border Patrol periodically drops off carloads of recent arrivals at the Jolley's convenience store in Derby. Real-life border crossers who have never acted before (from Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific) are invited to be performers for this piece. Sharing their everyday stories as incredible adventures, the inhabit the installation - singing, dancing, and invoking pioneer travellers who were captured by the Lee Brothers Studio in Singapore ... Border Crossers invites the public to rethink the notion of borders in a globalized world. Technology currently helps to overcome cultural and economic borders, but is also frequently used to maintain and reinforce physical borders. This project envisions technology as a positive tool to establish dialogues beyond borders, ...